Wife is applying for my PR but she Might lose her

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Subject: Wife is applying for my PR but she Might lose her

My wife has a canadian PR , she got her PR in June,2007. after that she stayed there for 10 months , now to maintain her PR she needs to stay 14 more months out of 24 months left for given 5 years of PR.

got PR : June 2007
in canada : June 2007 to Apr 2008
outside canada : Apr 2008 to July 2010 (now)
PR valid till : June 2012
no of months she needs to stay in canada to maintain her current PR status : 14 out of 24 remaining

I am on H1B status in US and she is staying with me. She is planning to apply for my PR in december .,

I read that if a person stays more than 3 years outside canda he/she can lose the PR status, if my wife stays 1 more years outside canada she will lose her status in 4 th year of her PR itself, my question is,

[1]Assuming she will lose her status in 4 th year itself by failing to stay in canada for 2 years by staying outside of canada for 3 years, she will still have 1 year left in her PR status, does it get cancelled in 4 th year only or it will be available for her for another year ? will she be able to apply for my PR in that 5 th year,after losing PR in 4 th year?

[2] Assuming her PR will be valid when she goes to canada to apply for my PR (outside canada PR) and her PR goes invalid after she goes out of canada applying for my PR(assuming she fails to stay 2 years out of given 5 years) , in that case what happens to my application in process , because at the time of application it was valid and while application was in process she lost her PR status. Does it affect my application??

[3] I read she needs to be in canada to apply my PR (she is going to apply in missisauga), does she need to remain in canada till i get my PR? or she can go out of canada , if she needs to be in canada how many months does it take for in-canada and outside-canada process?

[4] If I get my PR and she loses hers , can I apply for her PR ?

I know my questions are very complicated but I am sure only knowledgable ppl like you can answer them.

pleaseee help me !!!!!!!! Thanks in advance.

-Parikh Ushir

Ushir Parikh
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