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  Hi everyone!
I have a few questions and I hope someone can help me out please

1-I landed in Canada last year and came back to the country where I currently work after a week and got my PR cards through my friend.Can I enter Canada mid of next year(after 2 years of landing) with my kids and wife without any problem coz I do not have any Sin number or medical card also we just have our valid PR cards.

2-I know being a foreign trained doctor getting a job in Canada is extremely difficult without passing the exams but still I have passed one exam MCCEE,I just wanna know EXACTLY what kind of jobs are available as soon as we land in Canada and how much roughly do they pay and is living with wife and 2 kids possible in that pay or not?Please answer my questions coz my family´s future depends on these questions.

3-If ANY FOREIGN TRAINED DOCTOR reads this pleaseeee tell me what is the right place to look for a medical job and which city is best for foreign trained doctors.There must be some way I can get in to medical system I just need proper guidance.Is there a guiding angel out there for me????

I applied for Canadian immigration for my kids´ future as I know the terrible situation in my own country will sadly not change but still I want to make sure before finally leaving for Canada that it won´t take my identity of my whole life of being a Doctor away from me and make me a taxi driver or someone else.


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I cannot quite believe you have waited until now to find out what the job prospects might be for you. Why have you not checked with the college of physicians and surgeons in the province where you hope to locate.

How hard or how easily it is going to be is dependent on whether your credentials are recognized. This is not a 2 week exercise.

I would check with these medical associations before doing anything else. I doubt that anyone here will have anything remotely accurate to tell you.

Be sure, someone will tell you that you are destined to be driving taxi. That is ignorance talking. Get your information from a reliable source- much of the advice on this forum is not reliable.

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Sharon trust me when I say this but I have been in touch with A LOT of Medical schools and Universities and I have done quite a lot of research but the message that I have posted here is out of frustration.I have been on internet and on phone calling every person that I feel can be even a bit helpful but the COLD reply that I have been getting is way too frustrating.

My problem is that time is running out for my PR status which by the way u didn´t answer and I have to decide whether I want to go and live in Canada and take advantage of this opportunity OR just let it go and in the end I am left with the option of going to a country with my innocent kids that has absolutely no security,no law and order and a bomb killing 20+ people every single day is a normal routine.The day when the bomb kills 3 or 4 people is considered a lucky day.

The poor and innocent people of my country dream of running away with their families to peaceful countries and here I am with a golden opportunity of moving to Canada.Therfore,I really need help either I go to Canada and try to get in to the impossible medical system or I am left in the horrific conditions of my own country.

The picture is not good on both sides but the question is which one is better?????????????

This is my way of finding someone like me who has actually made it in Canada and is happy after taking that decision.
Please help me out here!

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don´t call the medical schools - call the College of Physicians and Surgeons. They are the people who decide who gets a license and who does not.

Are you going to get to practice your profession the day you arrive - no. are you going to get to practice your profession 2 years after you arrive - if you are lucky.

Is that acceptable to you. It may mean working below your skills until you pass your exams or get a placement - is that a reasonable trade off to your current situation?

Can you work as a nurse? Quite possibly. Can you work as a care giver - quite possibly. Are those jobs acceptable?

Something I have learned - the first generation of immigrants rarely sees the full benefit of the effort - it is their children that benefit.

Which one is better? How can we answer that. I do not know what safety, peace and family is worth to you.

Most people that come to this forum disappear after they land. You are not going to get good answers here.

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I am from Canada my parents came when I was 13. Honestly not easy to do your profession directly, my dad is an engineer but it took a while and some hard work and going back to school for an MBA until he got his dream job back. We have a family friend who was a doctor in our country, came to Canada couldnt practice cause she needed to go back to school and couldn´t support her family. Another lady doctor we knew ended up being very very succesful. I think doctors are always needed unfortunately the stupid system does not recognize your credentials automatically and u need to pass exams. So unless u r ready for some hard work ahead before I suggest u stay where you are it´s a little risky.
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I am all bitter and angry that because basically I have not been able to get ahead. I am making preparations to return to my country( not that my country is perfect) but the reality is that the benefits will be for your children( I have to agree with Sharon on that one).
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Sharan,It would have been nice if u had answered my very first questions rather than judging me or feeling astonished and saying stuff like I did not do my home work.Atleast your reply would have been helpful to me.Anyway,u could say I didn;t do my homework if I was in Canada right now which I am not!!!

What do u think this is what I am doing for the past 13 months of landing and 5 years before that?If I hadn´t done my h-w I would not have spent sooo much money on my self and my family´s two way ticket,I would have just burned the boats behind myself and left but I DID NOT.The reason is I am not confident to go like this.

Gulf copuntries give us jobs and good packages but if kids r born there they do not get any nationality or rights of that country and after a certain time people r forced to go back to their own countries because they have reached the retiring age and the guld doesn;t need them anymore.In real words when the time actually comes for yr kids to get better education then u r left with no option but to go back home and people like myself from the 3rd world nations try desperately to get a good life for our kids and provide them the basic necessities like water,electricity and light the 3 basic need which are very very difficult to find in our own countries.

When we see light and hear stuff like there is extreme shortage of doctors in Canada and above all being a Doctor increases your chance of getting the immigration and u think it´s a dream come true and u can go there and work really hard and help in solving the shortage and u even get the immigration that is when the reality hits big time that there is shortage but thankyou very much we don´t need yr skills and experience of 17 years of being a doctor but yes u can be a pizza boy or a taxi driver etc....it´s sad!!!

You Canadians have to realize that people like us we do not have much choices and guidance and when a country like Canada welcomes the doctors with a big hug we have to think for a second atleast maybe there is some light at the end of the tunnel.

Anyway, my close friend has taken a final decision of calling it quits as he is fedup of trying to find a medical job in Canada and he is letting go of his PR status which completes 2 years in a month outside Canada but I am still confused and I am still hoping to make Canada my home and my kids home for life one day as a doctor because I might not get a chance like the Canadian immigration again in life.

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Sorry I mistyped *Gulf countries.....and the 3 major problems we have in our own country
all 3 r sadly not there!!!

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OK, I answer your questions

1. you should be OK to re-enter Canada after your 2 year absence
2.changes are very poor that you will be working in the medical field for at least 3-5 years of landing. What sort of job could you get? I have no idea. What else can you do that does not require certification? You should probably anticipate that your wife will also have to work to help support the family. Most Canadian families have both husband and wife who work.
3. best city - it is all about your qualifications and where you took your training. Contact the College of physicians and surgeons.

I fully appreciate your desire to provide a better life for your family. I also understand the problems with the Gulf. There is no easy solution to your problem and nobody here can weigh the benefits and risks but you.

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That´s more like it thanks for your reply.
Frankly speaking it still is very difficult to decide what is the better option.I just wish and hope that either the Canadian government does something urgent for doctors like myself or the other option is they should not allow the foreign trained doctors if they do not consider them upto the Canadian standards.Atleast this way a lot of people are not going to be confused when it comes to just putting an end to their career.I just wish it was easier for foreign trained doctors to start a career in Canada.

I gave the Canadian Medical Evaluating Exam which actually means the medical system evaluates you to see if u r worth entering the system and I passed it but still there is no hope at all till now for a job so what is that exam meant for I don´t understand?

I recently contacted and sent my resume to one university in a Province that is suppose to give the Lisence and they rejected my degree after taking hundreds of dollars just to go through it as their fee.I just got an e-mail in my account saying your degree is rejected,no reason given at all.Then there is a line written (if you want to know the reason why your degree was rejected please send us 150 dollars and we will get back to you).

I am a little surprised to see how these people are collecting money from the immigrants coz if they could sent me an e-mail just to tell me they rejected my degree then why do they need another 150 dollars to tell me why they could have easily told me the reson in the e-mail why 150 dollars more after those hundreds of dollars and if this is what is happening in all the colleges then I wonder how do the poor immigrants afford this stuff?Does the Government know that the colleges and universities take so much money just say a yes or a no and also more money to say why they said no??

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