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Subject: Legal Separation & Divorce

Myself and my spouse is living separately in different countries for the last 7 years. I have children and they are living with me. My spouse doesn´t want to give neither legal separation nor divorce. I would like to immigrate to Canada with my children as my profession is in 29 demand occupation. My sister is a permanent resident and living in Canada along with the family.

What is the way forward to apply for the Canadian immigration? What shall I fill-in under marital status column?

Without the legal separation or divorce document, am I able to apply for the Canadian immigration with my children?

Please advise.

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Sorry Bro Im sorry for ur problem but fact is you require the docs if not take ur wife along wid u. Now a days the process is more narrow.
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If separation or divorce is not an option, you have to include her on your immigration forms and she will be examined. If she refuses to co-operate, you are in a bind. If you wish to file for separation or divorce, check the marital law in your country, I don´t think it´s up to her to give you the legal separation or divorce. You can apply for it, and if she doesn´t consent, it just takes longer to finalize. And you have to settle the custody issue of your children because unless you have sole legal custody of the children, you need her consent to bring them to Canada.
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