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Subject: HELP:Voluntary departure - Failed refugee claimant

I would appreciate if you can provide me with a brief answer or rather an advice to these issues i am currently experiencing.

My husband is a failed refugee claimant; He never appealed the decision, and currently just waiting to here from IRB as with regards to his next step.

I am a Canadian Citizen, i applied to sponsor him under spousal; 7 months later, i receieved a letter from CIC Vegreville saying our sponsorship application has been sent to our local office for further processing.

Due to family emergency, he has decided to go back to India. I am just a little bit curious, what is the processing of voluntary departure? taking into consideration that his witheld passport already expired?



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If your in the Greater Toronto Area call 905-405-3500 and inform them you wish to withdraw. They will give you further instructions but make sure you tell them your PPT has expired.


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