visitor visa for my filipina girlfriend

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Subject: visitor visa for my filipina girlfriend
  I have my new girlfriend from the phillipines i´m wanting to get visiting visa for, to come for a few months...
I´ll just briefly layout the situation.. and we can go from there...Give me your opinion if you think we got a chance to get the visa....??

We already applied for temp. visitor visa and they say no... All they said was they needed more income and assets info... from my girlfriend, and from me and or my dad as host inviting her. Said the ties to her country not strong enough. And "the decision was final"??? But she got 2 kids there...

She did alot of cash work and doesn´t have a good history of an income for the last couple years... No assets... Would just putting enough money in her account suffice? and how much might that be?

Im cleaning windows seasonally.. my own business and do alot of cash work... So not too much income to show- $9000 in 2008 and $13000 in 2009 income... So i put my dad as primary host inviter... but maybe i didn´t give enough bank and assets documents.. Just a bank statment for deposit of $80000 and stating $750000 line of credit.... I guess not enough documents.

thanks alot,

greg bishop
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CIC wants to know why she is coming... if it smells like romance, they will say no simply because once she is here, there is an opportunity for an inland sponsorship - and CIC hates inland sponsorships.

They want to see that she can afford to get her, pay her expenses (if you are offering her room and board - say so in your invitation letter) but most of all - they want to see some compelling reasons that she will return home.

She has 2 kids but is prepared to leave them with ?? for a few months with no custodial parent to look after them? So CIC may or may not see the children as a good reason. Does she have a steady job with set holidays? Why do you want her to come to Canada - is she a relative - no. So why?

all these things.

the visitor visa for my filipina girlfriend posting (in reply to: visitor visa for my filipina girlfriend)
Hi good day i just wanna ask i have a filipina gf and we´ve been together for 2 years now and i was planning for her to come with me to canada this year just to visit.She has a 7 years old son.but my concern is she is legally married but she is not with her ex husband for 6 years and half.What should i do?please i need answer.Thank you..
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I´m at a loss for what I can do. My girlfriend of 10 months lives in Biliran, Visayas. I went there to visit for a few weeks and got home at the beginning of May. I proposed marriage to her and she said yes which is the dream right.

I came home with the intention of saving my money to go back and marry her in a big catholic ceremony. A friend of mine said that he managed to get his girlfriend at the time who was from the Philippines to Canada via sponsorship. My antennae went up because I could bring her here and then marry her when we could afford to. My friend did end up marrying his girlfriend.

I would like to know the process and who to speak to on getting things moving on that or if something has changed to make it not possible today. I work fulltime, have no criminal record and she is a student in university there.

Thank you for your time.

visa for my future wife (in reply to: visitor visa for my filipina girlfriend)
hi there, im going to the Philippines to marry my girlfriend she is a filipina and i would love for her to come to Canada immediately. if not im willing to stay in Philippines until her papers are process in manila and i find a consultant here in Canada who can process her required documents. i honestly cant live my life without her and i really would appreciate the help to get her here in Canada immediately. please let me know if you or someone you know can help me with bringing my wife to Canada thank you.
VISITING VISA (in reply to: visitor visa for my filipina girlfriend)
Hi; I am Canadian and I married a Filipino in the Philippines recently. She mostly wants to live in the Philippines but would like to visit me here in Canada for a couple months of the year. Would I apply for a Visitor visa here in Canada or get her to apply in the Philippines to visit here. Also is this the best method for her to visit here or would you recommend another way, thank you.
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