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Subject: Med school in Canada
  10 out of 200 applicants get accepted into the medical school department at UBC. That is assuming the have 1st class ranking in all their subjects during their Bachelor courses and can prove they are psychologically suited to the medical field.

THAT is the Canadian standard. Just because you have money to go to school does not give you the automatic privilege of being a doctor. More than once, a student that has not made the cut in Canada has traveled overseas to get that medical degree with the intent on coming back with diploma in hand.

You can well imagine that locally trained doctors expect the same standards to be applied to all doctors entering the system - regardless of where they come from.

My only complaint with the whole thing is that the College together with the Canadian government is not more up-front with our prospective immigrants. They should find a way to test them before they even apply to see if it is worth their while to try and come.

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and these 10 doctors of canada are going to serve 7000 million people in the world.
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VANCOUVER - A record number of new doctors registered with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of B.C. last year, which should make it easier for British Columbians to find a family doctor.

"It is a quantum increase, absolutely. And its fantastic. This is the biggest year weve ever had in our registration department ... since 1886," said Dr. Heidi Oetter, registrar of the college, which licenses and regulates the medical profession in B.C.

The 488 new doctors, 352 men and 136 women, are more than double the number of new registrants in 2008, when there were 216 new medical recruits. There are now 10,855 doctors in B.C., up from 10,367 in 2008 and 10,151 in 2007.

An estimated 60,000 British Columbians are without a family doctor.

My additional note: the 60,000 without a family doctor represents 10% of the BC population.

Just so we are clear - a family doctor is the person that has all your files. That does not mean there are not clinics which are staffed by medical doctors that can look after you when required.

Would it be nice to have more doctors - absolutely as long as everyone is ready to have their taxes go up to pay for them. Oh yes, I forgot, most people don´t like the more taxes part.

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In view of shortage of docors,Canada should make the process easy for International medical graduates to integrate in Canadian health system.The example od Britian and US may be followed.
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but the same standards should apply to locally trained doctors as foreign trained doctors - don´t you think?
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For God sake: sharon go and read old thread. The two doctors of concern were born in Britain, educated in Britain, graduated in Britain, trained and specialized in Britain. Did you get it now? Do you still think the standard here is superior to the health system in Britain?
I came from there and I know Canada would need 2-3 decades to reach the British level.

I would agree that foreign trained doctors should go through a system that can introduce them to a new system. That is done perfectly in USA. We are not now comparing which HEALTH service to the public is better than the other. We are talking :"which one is practical and fair to foreign trained docs". The foreign doctors, even before their own graduation, know very well what is needed to be done in order to join the US system. In Canada it is a different story.

Cameron Duncan
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for God sake Cameron, get off your high horse.

I don´t make the rules and I don´t set the standards. I am telling you the fact of life - whether I like them or not. obviously, someone, somewhere has reason for concern about various levels of training and therefore all doctors must at least pass through some sort of screening gate. Logic would suggest that a british trained physician has similar training to Canadian doctors but I am not the College and therefore I do not fully understand what are the various criteria they use to accredit overseas physicians.

You think it is easy to waltz in to the US medical system - then I guess your family or friends should go there instead.

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I am a medical fellow in vancouver, BC. I know how hard to get into a med school in Canada, UBC in particular. If you do your med school education overseas, you will be considered as foriegn trained doctor and your training may not be recognized (with the exception of US, Australia, UK, and other very few countries).

Because I am trained in the US, I was still required to take the Royal College exam. I took the exam and passed it (first attempt). This was the only way for me to make my credentials equivalent to the Canadian ones. Immediately upon passing my exam, I got a job and will start practicing soon.

It is a very long road.

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