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Subject: Nude Pics
Is it true that people send nude pics to CIC in order to prove their relationship? That´s crazy.

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You´re a sad case. Hanging out here trying to hijack this forum from people who have real questions and concerns. Do you have no one who will talk to you? I come here to help people be successful with their applications whether that is a Spousal Application or not. I posted here that nude pictures do not prove a spousal applications.

Like you care Vitorelli about nude beaches or people silly enough to send in photos of themselves nude in the pictures.

So your next question. Do people send in viedos of them having sex, the answer is yes. Nude photos or evidence that the couple have sex together proves nothing. Proving a genuine relationship is about the respect and the bond the couple has between one another.

Don´t believe me watch this video at minute 15:45 and listen to Toronto Hearings Officer Ms. K. Foreman or Immigration and Appeals Member Mr. Maclean speak of nude photos.


Why bother anwering to a person like me? (in reply to: Nude Pics)
I do not know who is more pathetic than who.
If I am such a disgusting person, why then you bother replying? And BTW I do not bother reading all your crapt, so do not waste your energy.

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So you want to fight now to make you happy, lol I didn´t say disgusting I said "sad case".

My point is you could of posted this on the thread from the person who asked about spousal sponsorships but you start a new thread for what, the shock factor?

So did you watch others opinions in the video of nude photos being sent in for spousal appeals???


I was asking an honest question! (in reply to: Nude Pics)
I wanted to know if people really do that kind of thing.
Roy, sometimes you come accross as belligerant.

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the day you asked the question was the same day the question was asked and answered in another thread - you read it - because you posted a comment so stop with the innocent BS

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