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Subject: Secondary applicant
I´m married and have a newborn child. We decided to immigrate to Canada and started the process my wife as primary applicant(she has better skilled worker scores).
Now when we are approved, how is it possible for me to go to Canada a few months before my family (to settle with jobs,housing..) will that affect getting health insurance if they followed 6 months later? What if i completed the 3 years period before her, do i get the citizenship first?(she´s the primary applicant) when i get the citizenship, will my baby get it as well or she has to live 3 full years in Canada as well? And finally, if my wife spent less than 2 out of 5 years in Canada and got her visa cancelled, will i be able to remain there and get the citizenship?

Thank you for your help

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Hi Oscar,

You can´t land in canada without the principal applicant. She should land first or you both can do at the same time. She alone can land in canada being a principal applicat, but you can´t do it alone. Secondly, health insurance depends upon to which province you are going to live. In some province like alberta, you will get health insurance as soon as you land there, but in case of British Columbia therte is a waiting period of three months. So,check about the province you are heading to.


Sandeep Prashar,

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Primary applicant has to be with the dependent at the time of first time landing. so in short, you have to land with your wife or after you wife.

no issues with health insurance as far as i know.

yes you would be able to get the citizenship first if you stayed more than her in canada. and your kids would be granted the citizenship with you as the kid get the citizenship with either parent.

yes your wife´s PR will be revoked if she doesnt stay 2 years out of 5.

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Helpful answers, thanks. However I need this one specific information; if few days after landing in Quebec, the principal applicant returned back home, and came back 6 months later, will she be eligible for health insurance plan?
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if there is a waiting period in Quebec, she would be required to wait once she returned.
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