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Subject: SPOUSE sponsorship issues
  my wife is Canadian we got married in October 2006. we used to live in the state but i applied as a refuge to Canada from the border in Detroit/Windsor(june 2007) and i got denied and taking back to the state where i was illegal so the result i got deported from the state .all this 2007.
back to my home country , we applied to the Canadian embassy for a spouse sponsorship, but i got denied stating the reason "deportation from the state"and No entry or applying for anything to Canada for 2 years.
now those 2 years will end in 5 months, since we have a baby and it is not going well for us here we are thinking to reapply after the 2 years ban finish. But i heard from ppl (not lawyers) that my case is almost impossible so i have to forget about Canada and not wasting my time and money .
please i know i screwed up big time so i dont need any of this "u deserve it" talk. if you have any ideas based on a real experience or any law you think will help us around especially that my wife is not adjusting to the life here and she wants to go back and her brother passed away so her mom is by herself in canada and she is ill .i m willing to pay for a lawyer if he convinces me he can do something for us and how long is going to take
.|My Question:
do you think my case is impossible?
if not do u think it is better if my wife goes to Canada and apply inland ? or here in the embassy(lebanon)
how long do u think all this will take and What is my chances ?

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How many years are you barred from returning to the U.S for your unauthorized stay?

Do you have a criminal record in the U.S?

It is whispered that one unauthorized stay in the U.S equals to 10 years from returning.

Please consult a lawyer specialized in the U.S and Canada immigration. Thank you.

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yes u r right, i m banned for 10 years from returning to the state and i have no criminal record at all.but i want to file my application to canada, how this ban will affect my case.espcially i got 2 years ban as a punishment from Canadian immigration.
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What ever you do, forget Anonymous advice 233.201.58 regarding retaining a Lawyer and seek medical help!

What logic is in your reply Anonymous for him to seek out a US Lawyer when his wife is Canadian and he has been trying to obtain permanent residency in Canada for years?.

Lets look at your post, ZACK.

Your married to a Canadian and instead of submitting a Spousal Sponsorship outside Canada you come to Canada at the border and yell REFUGEE trying to jump to the front of the line!


Then while in Canada awaiting your Refugee Hearing in which you filled out your Personal Information Form you should have listed your marital status as married and could of submitted an inside Canada Spousal Sponsorship which you did not!

WHY NOT??????????????

Then your removed from whence you come (USA) and the Americans deport you to the country that you are a Citizen. Lebanon!

Then you submit a Spousal Sponsorship outside of Canada (which was the first thing you should have done) and you LIE about being deported from the United States of America. There fore your outside of Canada Spousal Sponsorship is refused for misrepresentation. CIC Excludes you for TWO YEARS for telling a lie!

Then you sit outside of Canada for two years instead of asking for H&C factors to be assessed, or ask permission to return to overcome your exclusion order. WHY?????

Is your case impossible, NO!!!!

Should your wife leave you and return to Canada, YES BIG TIME.

Do you need a Lawyer as Anonymous 233.201.58 suggested, NO seek medical help it will serve you much better in the future.


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Mr Roy , if you red my post i was asking not this kind of answer, i know i made a mistake i dont need this anymore , i payed enough price .
concerning your post ,
why i didnt apply from the state as a normal procedure: well thats my big stupid mistake and i need help now if you can please. AND ABOUT ASKING FOR ARC , 2 attorney just wait and dont ask for anything .
but in my application to canada i swear i didnt lie about anything i said everything as is .
so please from a law point of view , what is my chances

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If you got excluded for two years you LIED or failed to answer the question correctly because you DIY procedure was flawed.

Could you get here legally with an ARC yes.


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Let see if I got this right.

First, forget [**.233.201.58]Anonymous advice. It doesn´t make any sense.

You are banned from entering the US not because of a overstaying is because you were DEPORTED.

You applied as a refugee in Canada and got refused, sent back to the US and the US sent you back to your home country.

You applied for PR and failed to declare one of these things:

1- You were deported from the states
2- Your status in the US
3- How long you lived in the US
4- IF you have ever been ordered to leave Canada
and so on.

Simple sentence...you lied and you got excluded for 3 years for misrepresentation.

Now your exclusion order is going to expire in 5 months.
Roy is telling you to apply for an ARC.

An ARC for what?
An ARC takes about 6 months to be processed and your ban is going to expire in 5 months?

Your only choice is an outland application. You are going to be under the microscope on this one and you should learn to start telling the truth.

You asked this same question about 2 months ago, I remember you.

Your past is nothing but messy and you figure that not telling the whole truth is the way to go.

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FOR GOD SAKE, i didn´t lie. It is all in the application. about me staying in the state and applying as refugee to Canada .
thats why i m so confused , in my next application i m going to state the same facts ,
here is my question what is my chances ,and if u can suggest any good lawyer.

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Don’t ask about your chances this will not change anything, a 100% genuine sponsorship with no issues is still not 100% guaranteed approval and people still worry about getting the visa. All you need to know is that you have a chance and you need to apply for outland spousal sponsorship as DocD suggested. Personally I wouldn’t hire a lawyer at this point. Sponsorship application is straight forward, just fill out what they ask for in details and truthfully and you will be fine. Use this forum and others to know what you need to submit with your application as supporting documents. Just in case the officer doubt your application for some reasons, I would use the money you saved to hire a good lawyer for an appeal.

Good luck

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Please consult a lawyer specialized in the U.S and Canada immigration. Thank you.
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An ARC Processing time is based on the particular Visa Post. Come on DocD you know that. The fastest is 2 1/2 months and the slowest one took just over a year Port of Spain and the ARC was no longer required.

Several Visa Posts look at Spousals really quick while others like Manilla.........

This guy needs a Doctor so he can explain why he did everything wrong, time and again and Bash stop pretending to be anonymous.


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