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Subject: caregiver help
  Dear Sir/Madam,

I used to work in Toronto for 3 years, become 6 years. I didn´t receive my permanent residence as a care giver class because my employer did not give me my T4 and record of employment. I moved to Alberta in 2007. I was granted for a new working permit as a caregiver class and I work for 3 years for the same employer. Last 2009 I applied for permanent residence and I was refused according to the letter I received I am not in with a caregiver class. I don´t know how that happened. I don´t understand. Please reply to this email. I need your help if you can please.

Thank you.

To be a member of live-in caregiver class (in reply to: caregiver help)
"A work permit shall not be issued to a foreign national who seeks to enter Canada as a live-in caregiver unless he or she "applied for a work permit as a live-in caregiver before entering Canada."

Did you apply your second work permit outside Canada?

And you does your second work permit contain the following information?

xxxx-xxx (a 7-digit synthetic immigration code) on LCP [live-in caregiver program] work permits"

If not, you may be not a person who belongs to the live-in caregiver program.

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