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Subject: port interview
  I preparing myself to move to Quebec sooner (I´ve got the visa as QSW, but I donít know what about the language of the interview to be made at the port in Quebec, my French language is at basic level and I had not got the chance to improve my language proficiency, and I intend to do there in Quebec, meanwhile I will stay at west Montreal where English is can help me.
My question is there any evaluation of French proficiency at this interview

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"Quebec has the discretion to grant CSQ exclusively to applicants who not only convince officers that their intentions to live in Quebec are real but also who can prove that they have good chances to succeed in Quebec - this is why proficiency in French is now an important factor (although not the only factor) not only for principal applicant but also for spouse."


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The applicant´s French is expected to be evaluated as there is a lesson offered regarding a CSQ interview in a popular internet forum.

"Be prepared for the Quebec Selection certificate (CSQ) interview we prepare you to succeed for the French portion of your CSQ interview. French Lessons with a dedicated team of instructors who have extensive experience preparing immigrants for their CSQ interview. Be ready for success! "

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Is their another interview at the airport!! I was selected and waiting for my visa! but never knew there will be another interview over there!! FAIL lol
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