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Subject: Common Law questions
I am a Canadian Citizen living in the UK and my partner is British. We´re hoping to move to Canada next year but we don´t want to make any mistakes with the application. I just wanted to know what our odds are.
We both work in television and as such are freelance, but could get documentation from the BBC and other companies that my partner has been working steadily for the past 5-10 years. He is a film editor (professional qualification - I´m thinking yes)
We have lived together a year, but only have rent receipts and a year´s worth of mail addressed to the both of us at this address. We don´t have my name on any utility bills! We did buy a used car together, so we will have that receipt.
We have travelled quite a bit and have loads of photos and friends and employees can attest to our relationship.
We have no criminal background, nothing dodgy in the past.
I have been living in the UK for three years (i have a dual citizenship - Italy/Canada)
Can you foresee any problems for us? Either the freelance thing or lack of bills?
Does it make a difference that my partner is British?
Thanks for all your advice in advance.

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Well you just have to prove without a doubt that you have been living together for a full year,but since you have been out of the country for so long you will have to prove your intent to re establish into Canada.
The way you will do this is a job offer in Canada,or a rental agreement in Canada,a home,or something in that nature.Also if you plan on moving here and living with realitives till you get yourself sorted out get letters from them stating this.
Other than that apply,the only other thing i know is they will ask in an interview why you cant or why you do not want to get married just be prepared for that question with a good ansewr.

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