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Subject: U.S. citizen married to a Canadian
  Hi all,
I am a U.S. citizen, and my husband is Canadian. We have two dual citizen babies. We have decided to move to Canada to be closer to his family and so he could return to school. I have applied for immigration but it takes so long. I applied in May and I have yet to hear anything from CIC. We spoke to the border patrol and they told me to come in as a visitor and explain (and have proof) that I have filed for immigration. They said that they will give me a visitor´s visa and I will just have to leave every 6 months until I receive my papers. Has anyone else from the U.S come to live in Canada in this way. Although we spoke to the border official I am afraid they will turn me away. I am obviously not coming in as a visitor; I intend to stay.

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Just my two cents...

If you are planning on coming up with a car full of belongings or by plane with lots of suitcases, I would reconsider. You are technically only allowed to visit at this point. If you arrive with lots of stuff, you could get turned away (all depends what the border guard thinks). Having a PR application in progress unfortunately does not guarantee you entry into Canada as a visitor.

Having said that, my husband (American) spends most of his time "living" with me in Canada as a visitor. We submitted an outland application in May as well. He crosses the border often (he´s probably never stayed in Canada for more than three months in a row) and has never had a problem coming in. He does however travel with a Nexus card and also packs light (i.e. does not come with two huge suitcases).

You may intend to stay in Canada - but keep in mind that you are not permitted to do so as a visitor. So when you cross the border, be careful what you say and behave as a visitor behaves.

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