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Subject: Conflicting info
  Please Roy/Sharon or anyone who knows.
My citizenship application is almost complete according to the CIC timeline. My passport expired this year- it covers the period 6 years before my application until 6 months after my application. Do I need a valid passport for the test? I am not in a position to pay for new passports for my whole family if I don´t need them- If I need it for the test I will.
The CIC website says you need to bring "any passport or travel documents relevant to the four years before your application."
but someone else who took the test says they asked him for a current passport.
Please help- I´m confused and don´t have the extra cash to waste on passports of a country I don´t intend going back to.

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Notice to appear- to take the oath of citizenship

When you come to take the Citizenship Oath, you must bring with you

This notice

2 pieces of personal identification, one of which

All your original documents

(optional) A holy book

All passports and travel documents in your possession ( current and expired)

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I think she was talking about the test not the oath.
I think the expired passport will be ok cos it covers time of the 1095 days. Unles I´m worng- Roy/Sharon?

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You don´t need a new passport for the test and.or the oath.

The expired passport is all you need. A Citizenship clerk will review your passport and previous stamps and verify your entries and exits from Canada right before the test.

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do you work? don´t worry about expired docs... just pay your rent and be happy.
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