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There is an ethnic Chinese Immigration forum in Toronto called York BBS. On this forum there is an individual who claims he is an Immigration Interpreter for CIC & the IRB.

They take an initial retainer of just a couple of thousand and ask for the persons PIF in which they obtain the persons client ID#, date of birth and a copy of their signature.

With that limited information they seek out the FOSS notes and a copy of the file through CBSA and CIC. Then they drop the hammer and demand THOUSANDS of dollars. Then then provide a letter with a CIC stamp on it appearing that CIC is now reconsidering your case.

Normally in the FOSS notes there is an e-mail address of an Officer that they suggest she contact.

She contacted and was arrested and detained.



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What no feelings?

This is a situation of a certain ethnic group being defrauded by their own ethnic group. This is a situation where someone will pay anything if told we can quarantee success.

These scum guarantee success by getting the person arrested, detained and removed from Canada so they can find another victim.

They are not even a bogus consultant trying to earn a living. They´re not real Lawyers or real Consultants. Worse this guy is not even a Interpreter. When investigating this I found several people in the Chinese community knew all about these individuals but would never report same to the Police. WHY?

When it sounds too good to be true, RUN!


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This funny guy Roy-the monologue expert laughes at Sharon´s comment-who asks a guy whether he is talking to himself, the funnier thing is this guy - Roy- who laughes at people who are talking to themselves, talks to himself...every day lol, funny ? or stupid?

No costumers mr. Roy? no milking? seems you have a lot of time ....to come overe here every day !!! ...or just advertisement purposes???

One again obey the rules in canada and in this forum and do not mention your site!!! respect mr. roy respect!!!

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unlike the other thread that had 3 posts from the same person... 3 minutes apart... I would suggest this is a little bit of difference and I too am surprised there was not a flurry of comments.

Look at the time of Roy´s posts - definitely not working hours so I think he is free to spend his free time as he wishes.

btw... they are customers - not costumers

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Blast this forum for not being good enough but not Yorkbbs for having p[osters steal thousands from naive desperate people.

Blast Lawyers and Consultants for helping but not Leo or Kevin for stealing thousands.



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