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Subject: russian woman to visit canada
  I have been corresponding with a woman in Russia (internet dating). We have been corresponding for about 3 weeks now and she wants to come over to meet me. She has told me that she has visited the travel agency and that they are expediting (5 to 6 days) a Visa for her to come and visit, but that it costs $830 USD. I have been doing some of my own research and have seen out there that this could not be possible. I am a careful person and try to avoid scams, but can what she be saying is true, or do I have to follow up with more research from the immigration department?
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Something stinks. A visit visa for Canada is referred to as a TRV (temporary resident visa). Here are the fees:

"The fee per person is $75 for a single entry visa, $150 for a multiple entry visa or $400 for a family (multiple or single entry)."

She only needs a single entry visa (cost $75) to visit you.

Link where this information is posted on the CIC (government) web site is:

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Hey hey hey!! Don´t be scammed. An application for a visitor visa (Temporary resident visa) made in Russia costs only $75 according to the offical website of the Embassy of Canada in Russia:

Further info on applying for a visa can be found below:

Is she telling the truth? That´s up to you to judge. Is it worth continuing the correspondence in view of the intentional and malicious misrepresentation of facts and figures? Once again, that´s up to you!

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You may want to cross-reference your friend against some of the scammer databases available online. Here´s one:

Good luck. Personally I would run away as fast as I can. But it´s obviously your call.

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It sounds to me like it is a scam with 99.99% probability. The scammer is probably not even a woman. He will probably give you some reason like how there was an emergency and he needs some help in paying the visa fee. And he will milk you as long as you don´t get tired of sending money. I have read bunch of stories where people have been milked to the tune of $50,000 in a span of one year. Try to track the physical source of email, it may not have even originated from where he or she claims from. I am dumbfounded how people still fall for these scammers. Be glad you have not sent any money yet. Google it and you might find similarities with your correspondence. If I were you, I would spend my money on a date with a woman whom I can actually see with my eyes. I would probably play along with the email thing but not send any money or provide my personal information.
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So you met a lady 3 weeks ago and now she wants to come over, and you seriously want to help her to come over after 3 weeks? mmmmm interesting!!! how fast she is, and you are a careful man!!!!wowowowo..interesting!!! Man, if you are looking for a lady online that means 1. You are a total loser 2. you have no skills to keep a lady either becasue of your apperance, or interpersonal skills or financial situation!!! Talk to those lonely middle aged men and and women around you or even here!!!! and ask them why they go to bed alone and get up alone for many many years !!!!!!.. Need advice? If you cannot find a lady in real around you belive me, that sexy looking russian lady will leave you day (if that is not scam of coure)....!!

CNBC had many documentaries, about men like you, haven´t you watched any of them, ....??? All similar stories, ugly old man, lonely, looks piece of shit, has no interpersonal skills, much older than the lady, probably, financially not that good, tries online dating, or marriage companies, finds a lady at the end, much younger than himself, sexy, wowowowo looking lady, (probably has someone else in her own country)comes over to germany, england, or canada, and after some time, the old man is still in front of the pc, has his ass glued to the pc , (like many others here) , looks for sociliasing, on the net lolool...DO NOT LISTEN TO ME, help that russian lady, she might have a man or some kids to look least you might be helping someone who would use your money in a better way..... lol ... GO FOR IT MAN GO FOR IT !!!!!

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polly, do you have any idea how many people - ugly, beautiful, rich and poor use online dating sites to meet people. You should not be so quick to judge - it makes you look stupid.

As for being taken advantage of... that is another subject. No doubt the red flags should be waving in full force. 3 weeks, $830 for a visa when we know for a fact the visa actually costs $75??? Be careful. What makes anyone think she would actually be approved?

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Hi marina you told me the Visa cost $ 475 ,its a lay ,its only $ 75 dolar ,and a doppel entery $150 ,so also deer is no airport tax to pay ,its in the ticket
let me no i am right

Marina Glushkova
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Hi guys,

I´ve been reading for a week now all the comments about russian girls scams, here is why. I am a paranoid freak, I got that from my parents. Most of the stories I heard would not have even tempted me, they seem to be soooooooooo obvious, but I have learned not to walk with my nose too high or else I dont see where I go and hit the wall. Here is where I stop looking from above and understand you all : I met my russian babe on vacation. I actually had a great time for the few hours I had with her, she even put out. Now, I tend to have a pretty good opinion of myself but I do have a hard time believing that someone can fall head over heels for me that fast. We skype regularly and we aslo text, somehow, there are time (text) when she can totally understand everything I say but when on skype it becomes a bit harder to communicate, I´m thinking that texts are written by Boris instead... She hasn´t asked for any money yet, just for us to see each other as soon as possible for our love not to fade away. There are so many things that lead me to believe it´s a scam but then again, none of the scams I have ever read about actually discuss grils you would have met in real person as a connexion point instead of just plain internet. I am served the standard love names instead of my name, makes it easier not to mess up, I see discrepencies between levels of English, depending on the communication mode, I find that the degree of intensity is too high (you are my life!!), etc. On the other hand, I could explain most of it by wishful thinking but it´s not my type. Regardless of my suspicions and my paranoid personality, she is sooooooooo good that the question needs to be asked, could it be true ? Heart vs Brain... Hard fight !!! Maybe I´ll have my answer as soon as we decide to make a move and see each other and then be asked for money but so far I´ve been avoiding that moment in fear of beeing right, sometimes I hate to be right... Any of you ever heard of "in-person vacation scams" ?

Now, I´m getting info on sponsoring a TRV for her, it IS only 75$. What I am nervous about is my responsibility as a host or what information I could give that could be used to fraud me.

Any suggestions or knowledge I could use ?

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who is buying the plane ticket? Sponsoring a TRV - no such thing. You can invite her, you can send her the money to buy the visa but that is about it.

You won´t know if you don´t try but keep your eyes wide open.

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There are lots of people (who are either men or women) looking for naive guys thinking that they are dating some nice girl, but do not believe it. First, confirm by you going there and then to see that person what does have to say, then plan the rest.NO NOT SEND MONEY OVERSEAS THAT YOU WONT SEE IT AGAIN NO MONEY OR "GIRL"....