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  I am sponsoring my husband from Pakistan. I submitted the forms in August 2008. My hubby was interviewed last year. Just recently, last month, he received a letter asking 3 questions.

1. Please advice what are your plans for permanent residence in Canada ie taking extended leave from your current job.

2.Please advise what are are your employment plans in Canada?

3. What plans have you you and the sponsor discussed if his application form permanent is not approved?

I am really concerned about the last question as it seems tricky. Can anyone guide me in this matter? anybody with

A little background about myself,

I am 28 yrs old female , permanent resident who was married to a canadian citizen( I was sponsored to Canada). I

and now got divorced and am sponsoring my new husband.

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how is his english? I am sensing they are are very confident he could survive if something happened to your relationship and maybe your income is not that great?
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