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Subject: spousal sponsorship
  I landed in canada last jan 02, 2010 as landed immigrant thru family sponsorship by my son (family-mother), im not employed right now. My question is can i sponsor my husband with income and even im still the 10 years sponsorship of my son. Please advice so i know if I havve a chance to sponsor my husband for my son didnot able to sponsor him for the income bracket didnot meet.
spousal sponsorship (in reply to: spousal sponsorship)
I landed in canada as landed immigrant January 02, 2010 by family sponsorship (family) my son sponsored me. Right now i want to sponsor my husband but im am unemployed. My question is Am I eligeble to sponsor my Husband even the sponsor agreement of my son for 10 years still not completed. Kindly answer me so i know what to do. Im also a senior now 67 years old am I still eligible and if how long would be the process. Thank you very much i hope you can reply as soon
Yes, you can (in reply to: spousal sponsorship)
However, in order to sponsor your husband,

you must be qualified as a sponsor

Never received social assistance or welfare, if did must be repaid.

Basically, you need to work and do tax continuously in order to demonstrate that you will be responsible financially for your sponsor.

The processing time will be more or less same as your time line.

Discuss this with your son since he is the one who undertook your sponsorship.

Thank you.

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