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Subject: applying for citizenship ??

my wife and kids are in canada, and i am working in USA. I lost my PR status.

My wife and kids are applying for citizenship in 2 months.
Now i want to go back Canada, and apply for citizenship along with my family. What will be happend to my application or does it harm my family application also ?

pl advice...


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Permanent resident status

To become a Canadian citizen, you must have permanent resident status in Canada, and that status must not be in doubt. This means you must not be the subject of an immigration investigation, an immigration inquiry or a removal order (an order from Canadian officials to leave Canada).

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If you lost your PR status you cannot become a Canadian citizen, plain and simple.

It will not affect your family´s application. If they meet the criteria, they can apply and become Canadian citizens.

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I would say keep working in the US and let your family get the citizenship. You can pursue your case AFTER they get their citizenship, that way you won´t jeopardize their life
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if they get citizenship, and if i lost my PR status, how can i go back to Canada and join them ? i mean on what basis ?

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Re-apply a Permanent Resident visa alone or be sponsored by your spouse or one of your children if eligible.

However, there is one step before re-applying.

The options are to get a returning resident permit

or officially sing on the loss of permanent residence.

More details on CIC website.

Good luck.

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You will have to SIGN some form. Sorry about that!

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