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Subject: Relinquishing PR rights
Hi there,

Wondering if anyone ever had to voluntarily relinquish his/her PR rights and then re-apply to immigration a year or two later.

Would be interested to hear back



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Sounds very logical thing to do... If you have a couple years before next application and come up with a sweet reason why it was given up (they will ask that next time you apply), all should go well
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Thx for that,

I know it sounds a bit strange but I have my reasons for this option. Besides, if you fail to meet your PR obligations of 2 years of presence out of every 5 years they may declare you inadmissible for entry. So better surrender it before being in non-compliance...I´m too busy to meet this 2 year thing.

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you may have your reasons, but CIC may find reasons to say no the second time - maybe they will be too busy.

people are waiting to come to Canada and you took their spot. Now it is too much trouble to get here and establish yourself. I would duck if I were you.

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I get your point Sharon, but there are very complex and unusual circumstances related to my case AND this option was actually suggested by a CIC employee...
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I am always skeptical of advice that comes from CIC call centre staff that have no accountability for the advice they give. BE CERTAIN of the long term realities before you make your decision. Claiming ´they told me XYZ´ will not cut it at a later date.

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