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Subject: DECISION MADE Part 2

Good Eve,

Thanks for reviewing my post.

Immigration Applied: Simplified Immigration Process in May 2007
AOR Received: July 2007
I have seen my file status online several times; it was “IN PROCESS”
Today (9 May 2010) I have seen my status online after a month or so, it shows “DECISION MADE”
Clicking on the decision made link I found this:
We started processing your application on July 13, 2007.
A decision has been made on your application. The office will contact you concerning this decision.

May I know what could be the decision? Because I didn’t submit any documents related Academic, IELTS, Medical, Police or any other papers due to Simplified immigration Process.




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I have applied my immigration in LONDON office.

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chances of refusal.

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why wouldnt they make a decision if it´s obvious the applicant will not score the 67 points minimum or has some other significant flaws in his app...

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an application is opened and assigned a file number based on the fees being there and the forms being completed - nothing more. Until it is reviewed at a later date, it is not looked at for qualification.

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assume worst case:
what if someone has no education, no language skills and no work experience at all and on top was 5 years member of al-qaida - would CIC still request further material?

Got Letter (in reply to: DECISION MADE)
Hey Everybody,

Thanks for posting.

I have recieved letter from CIC as follows:

Dear Applicant,

I have now completed the assessment of your application for a PR visa as member of skilled worker calss. I have determined that you do not meet the requirement for immigration to canada.

You were asked in July 2009 to produce the following evidence and documents within 120 days in order to demonstrate your ability to meet the selection criteria and admissibility to canada:

- Updated IMM0008 Application
- Updated evidence to demonstrate that you meet the selection criteria inculding evidence of your education, language, work experience etc.

****** some more text ****

To date we have received no response from you.

Based on the information that is available, and without supporting evidence, i´m not satisfied that you meet the requirement to be issued a PR visa as a member of Killed worker Class.

****** some more text ****

Well, Experts:

How can i submit my evidence if did not get that previous letter? I was following my matter online. There was no update over.


Is there any soultion of this situation?

My Hard feeling about CIC are:
They can send reminder on my email /or
They can update status on CIC website about requirement.

Is there any way that we can raise APEAL to reconsider my case?

Thanks Experts, Plz Reply.


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you would have likely received a request by mail. Did you move?

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I didn´t received any mail asking for supporting evidence. It could be possible, that mail is lost or something.

Mailmen bring no more blues (in reply to: DECISION MADE Part 2)
Dear Sir

I have much sympathy for your situation. This is every applicant´s nightmare, no show for mail or a lost mail.

I had to contact CIC for one of mails that did not come along with my family members´.

One of the benefits using an immigration representatives is letters from CIC are reached bilaterally both to the applicants and the representatives.

CIC at a certain quarter of their jurisdiction exercises a hand delivery if applicable.

I read a Federal court decision allowing a judicial review regarding a lost contact with a client even CIC argued that they attempted to get hold of the client by telephone.

If you are serious about immigrating to Canada and making a lawyer richer, this could be a good case for a judicial review.

Good luck.

42 to 48 Months (in reply to: DECISION MADE Part 2)
Thanks for your advice.

Is there anybody have the same issue before?

Hard Feelings:

When i applied my immigration, CIC informed me that that immigration process will take 42 - 48 months. I was thinking that CIC will review my file not before 36 months, but they open my file after 23 months.....

I have no idea what had happened to me... :(

If anybody else have any soultion, please do let me know.


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That post is too long to read... Good luck with advice
DECISION Made Part 2 (in reply to: DECISION MADE Part 2)
Dear Shahid,

It is sad to learn what has happened in your case but rest assure you are not the first one with this kind of story. you can google it and find so many applicants with issues even more complicated.
Here is what i think you should do. Send a letter through email+fax+courier to CHC London informing them that you never received the communication about submitting documents from them. Do mention in the letter that you were checking your e-case regularly to find out for letters if any but nothing was mentioned there and on the basis of this you urge CHC London to keep your file open.

Then in the mean time try to arrange for all the documents and send to CHC London as soon as possible. If you can send the above letter and the documents together there is nothing like it.

I am sure once you have done this your case will be processed as has happened in many other cases.

Best of luck.

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Hey Armaan,
Thanks for your suggestion. I already did the same as you are saying.

Let me just share with you and with everybody about my case:

After receiving letter from CHC, I submit my inquiry online. After 3 days I got reply from them.

“We have reviewed your request and are prepared to re-open your application if we receive the documents that we require within 30 days of the date of this email. If we do not receive a complete document package from you within 30 days of this email, your file will remain closed. Please print this email and attach it to the front of your document package. ***** Some More Text ******”

By the Grace of GOD, I already submit my all documents Expect, police clearance and IELTS.

I hope everything will go on smoothly now and in future.

Thanks All.

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Hey All,

Little question about Police certificate.

According to the above link information:

If you live in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
If your application is being processed at the Canadian High Commission in London, you are not required to obtain a police certificate until the London visa office sends you a police certificate request letter with instructions on how to apply.

Should i wait for formal request letter from CHC for police clearance? or ?

Because in the e-mail they request for all documents including police clearance. So should i consider that request as a request letter or wait for any formal letter?

Please also advice Police Clearance from Pakistan.


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you go by the specific instructions sent you. If you were asked for police clearances, I guess it means you were asked for police clearances! Based on your email, you have 30 days to do it from the date of the email.
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Thanks Sharon,

e-mail section about PCC:

"We expect that you will have most of these documents already in your possession and that you will be able to submit them within 30 days. The only exception is police certificates, which are prepared to accept separately once you have obtained them."

Police clearance certificates
Submit police certificates for yourself and each of your dependents who are18 years old or over for each country lived in for 6 months or more since reaching age 18. You must submit the original document and a translation if the document is not in English or French.

So should i consider this email as a PCC request letter?

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wtf. you quote a letter, ask a question, then finish quoting the letter later that answers your question. READ THE EMAIL.

Does it say ´we´ll call you when we need them´? Does it say ´please submit all documents but don´t worry about the PC´s for now?´ No... it says you have 30 days for everything and we know the PCs will likely be a little late.

If that does not scream instructions at you - I give up.


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