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Subject: expired multiple-entry canadian visa

I´m presently working in Canada on a work permit that will be valid until April 2012. I want to go to a conference in the USA in December this year. My Canadian multiple-entry visa has expired. Will I be able to return to Canada from the USA without renewing my Canadian entry visa?

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I would renew my multiple entry visa if the citizens of my country of origin are required a visa to come to Canada.
NO NEED RENEW (in reply to: expired multiple-entry canadian visa)
you don´t need renew your visa if you come back solely from U.S. You just need to bring the work permit with you. when u cross the border, show them the work permit.
multiple visa holder needs to visit her family and come back in 3 weeks (in reply to: expired multiple-entry canadian visa)
i have a multiple 1 year canadian visa.i camen here 22nd of february(2010) and stillhere but in these days i wanna go back to my home country and re entry in 3-4 weeks.is it possible to re enter?at the port of entry officer asks questions or can he deny me?
my visa ezpires 31st of dec 2010

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if it is a multi enter - yes, until December 31st. If you get too close to that date, they will start to wonder if you will leave by the specified date. be careful.
expired multiple visa on 1st week of dec. (in reply to: expired multiple-entry canadian visa)
i need a help how to renew my multiple entry visa by 1st week of dec.where can i get the application form?or can u please send me an application so that i can send it back for renewing my visa.and please give me some instruction how to do it...thanks...looking forward to response me so soon.

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