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Subject: Qualified but goofed
  Hi, can anyone please tell what might happen if one was qualified under the Federal scheme, having scored up to 73 points in the evaluation, but then submitted a bank statement showing about $3000 less than the stipulated amount for the main applicant and spouse?

Does it mean my application might be kicked out? Or will I just lose points?


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If you have a file number that means they are giving you another chance. More than likely, it is going to get kicked out.

Points is only one aspect of the application, followed by adaptability($), health, and criminal clearances.

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Thanks Sharon, I actually do have a file number- I noticed my error just yesterday when I was going through copies of the supporting documents I handed in a few months back, and realised I hadn´t got the conversion rates right. Talking about adaptability in terms of how much money I´ve got, will having a younger brother in Canada make any difference? We´re definitely staying over at his until we find our bearings.

Thanks once again

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relatives in Canada give you an additional 5 points. they do not replace settlement funds. You may wish to send CIC a correction about the conversion rate.
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If you NOW have enough funds in your accounts, send them an updated copy of funds statement. You lose nothing by doing this.
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