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Subject: Bench Warrant
Hi there,

I have an outstanding bench warrant in States from back in 2002, the sherrif`s dept said the warrant is extraditable within U.S. states only.

I am planning a trip to Canada, will that warrant pop up in thier system? and hinder me from getting in?

Private Ryan
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Yes it will pop up when the CBSA officer runs a background check at the time you are clearing Customs and Immigration.

A bench warrant is pretty much an arrest warrant. What the Sheriff said is right but you are misunderstanding what he/she means.

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If you have a warrant for your arrest they will send you directly back to the US side. The USCBP officers will arrest you on the spot and you will be shipped back to the county that placed the warrant.
Best bet is to get the entire thing resolved PRIOR to any attempt at entry into Canada.
As well there is a more than likely chance that you will be inadmissable to Canada due to criminality outside of Canada (IRPA S.36), and having pre paid arrangements in Canada will not grant you any leeway at the Border.
Ensure that you are not inadmissable by speaking with someone at the closest border or Canadian Consulate.


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Two things:

1-IRPA S.36 does not apply in this case.

2-Speaking with someone at the closest border?
I would like to see someone walking to the booth asking if they are inadmissable or not?
What do you think an officer would do?

CBSA´s stations are there to process people and/or goods that have the intention to enter Canada NO MORE NO LESS.

Contact the Canadian Consulate, all what they are going to tell you is that if there is a warrant against you, you should not travel to Canada.

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OK good enough...but here are a few more details:

There are two bench warrants: 1. Aggravated Assualt 2.Failure To Appear, both these warrants are from 2002 so it has been quite a few years since the crime allegedly commited.

I was wondering if I could get Residency on deemed rehabilitaed / rehabilitation / or TRP basis. Now these warrants are in the United States where I cant return since I do not have valid U.S. visa anymore, and I am seeking residency through sponsorship of my wife. I have a wife and 2 kids who are all canadian born citizens.

what could be my options?

again all you`alls feedback is greatly appreciated..:)Thanks

Private Ryan
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you are not listening. You have still not accepted responsibility for your crime, and have yet to face justice. You are rehabilitated from NOTHING in the eyes of the courts. You are hiding out.

Successful sponsorship? dream on.

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Just a quick note if you read the cic website on rehabilitation the qualifying times (in most cases 10 years depending on the crime) is AFTER the sentence has been served in full. Basically you need to do your time then wait your 10 years and pay the fees. Keep in mind this is all dependent on the crime and since yours was a violent crime it will take longer, assuming they even are willing to let you in at all in the future.
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Ignore these people :)

Go ahead and go for it.

I think you can get around it as you have outlined.


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