Getting my PR and my parter cheated

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Subject: Getting my PR and my parter cheated
  I am from South America and I am in a same-sex relationship. My partner is a Permanent Resident, he moved to Canada in 2007.
Last time I went to Canada (July 2010) we decided to get married in Toronto. I came back to my country to finish my university degree and start the immigration process outside Canada (and my husband is living in Toronto).
Now I found out that my husband is cheatting on me. I had access to messages where I can read he sent his address, cell phone number and e-mail to other people.
I decided not to stop my immigration process and I will not tell him anything.
My question is: I will probably be allowed to arrive in Canada as resident on February or March 2011. I will talk to my husband at the same day of my arrival. But what can happen to me if we get divorced right after my arrival? Am I going to be asked to leave the country? (Remembering that I have all the message history and pictures already saved in my computer, prooving that he cheatted on me).

Rafael Piva
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well, it sort of goes like this - you are intending to use your marriage as a ´relationship of convenience´ to gain Canadian status. That is misrepresentation... regardless of who cheated on who. (I fail to see how giving out contact information is cheating but obviously there must be more to your story.) You have no intention of remaining in the relationship once you land.

Your partner is accepting a 3 year agreement to provide for you once you arrive. Given the potential financial implications, you can be sure he might complain to CIC should you dump him upon arrival. Can CIC revoke your PR... absolutely if misrepresentation becomes evident.

Have some guts... come on your own merits instead of using people.

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Ok you are in this relationship for convenience. You have no intention of ending it right now because will affect your PR application however you intend to do so when you arrive in Canada.

Hmmmmm......That is called misrepresentation and it is a crime in Canada.

And yes..CIC can come after your PR status and CBSA can deport you.

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