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Subject: re: IMM0008e and the definition of residence
  In form IMM0008e Generic, question 5 asks for "Country of residence."
IMM0008e Schedule 1, question 5 asks for "Current country of residence." My immigration counselor advised my girlfriend (who is Japanese) to write Canada for Schedule 1, and then for question 6 (on Schedule 1), to write that her status is "Visitor."
While that´s fine, and I´m not concerned about that, I´m wondering about IMM0008e Generic... Question 5 just asks for "Country of Residence." Technically, my girlfriend lives in Canada. She´s been here over a year. However, she doesn´t have permanent residence, and I´m worried about which meaning "residence" has in this context.
And before anyone tells me to read the guides: I´ve read them, and I´m still unclear. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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If your spouse-to-be lived in Canada more than six months continuously, she has established her residence in Canada.

Since she will be required to submit her RCMP fingerprint later on, I would indicate that she resides for now in Canada.

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