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Subject: spouse of international student in Quebec
  Hi All,

I had a few questions abt moving to Quebec.

1. is the spouse of an international student eligible to accompany the student to Quebec ?
2. does the spouse have to apply for a CSQ / CAQ. or is that applicable only to students ?
3. does the canadian govt. decide whether to admit people bound to Quebec or does the Govt of Quebec do that ?

Any info on this will be much appreciated. Thanks !

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Yes, spouses of international students´ are eligible to accompany them to Canada. If your spouse is already in Canada, just ask them to send you a copy of their passport, Canadian visa and study permit. Upon receipt of these documents, you can apply for a temporary resident visa as your nearest Canadian embassy. Once you enter Canada, let immigration know your spouse is an International student, and you will be given a visitor´s record. Apply for your work permit and you can begin to work.......gluck.
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Hi Kent,

thanks for your reply. The thing is that I had already applied twice for a TRV and got rejected on grounds that they werent convinced I would return back to home country.

so now, my real question is does any of this process / criteria for selection change if the intended destination is now Quebec (earlier it was Toronto)

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