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  Hi everyone, I am new to the forum so i´m not familiar with the abbreviations. i have a couple of questions, first i am an egyptian retail pharmacist with 3 years experience and i want to apply for the fedral skilled worker program, my score in online assessment is 69 so i need to know what my chances are and how long it takes to process my application?.
second in the list of the supporting documents they need notarized employment contracts, i need to know where the employment contracts are supposed to be notarized from?.
third Do i have to speak french?, some immigration offices pointed out that yoy don´t have to be able to speak french in order to apply for the fedral skilled worker program....

Ahmed abdelghany
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no, you do not need to speak french. The new application process takes about a year but the criteria to qualify is much more strict.

I would do some serious research before making such a serious decision. You will need to upgrade your education and be certified before you can work as a pharmacist.

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The National Pharmacists exams are being held in Toronto this coming January 2011 and that might be an excellent chance for a company to apply for an arranged employment offer for you to increase your points.


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hi again,
i just want to know how long it takes roughly to process my application if i applied through cairo visa office?, and if it is possible to apply through any other visa office elsewhere other than my country of residence...

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