Humanitarian And Compassionate Letter

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Subject: Humanitarian And Compassionate Letter
  Hi, I have just received a letter from H&C saying that my H&C application has been forwarded to the Toronto Pre-Removal Risk Assessment Unit. It is two step decision making process. First, H&C factors are assessed to decide whether to grant an exemption from certain legslative requirement to allow my application for PR to be processed from within Canada. Second, I must meet all other statutory requirements of the Immigration and Refugee protection Act. The second decision is made only if I have received an exemption.

Here is my dilemma..I have also did my refugee case in Canad, it was denied and I was arrested and deported. So, I am no longer in Canada however my entire family, my two brothers, sister and parents are in Canada as a Canadian Citizen. It has been more than a year and half that I have been deported and now I am married and soon to be mother in a month but my husband wants me to abort the child. In H&C letter it says I have an opportunity to update my H&C submission and send updated Application for PR from Within Canada (IMM 5001) within 30 Days or else the decision about my exemption will be made based upon the information on my file.

So, I am no longer in Canada and I am married, how can I go about updating information?

Should I let them know that I am no longer in Canada?

Can I still send updated information?

If I do and if they accept my H&C application for Permanent Residents of Canada, will they send me PR card via mail?

Can My brother sponsor from Toronto, since he is financially stable..he works for TTC?

Please give as much help as you can, Thank You!

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This is one of those postings that appear so illogical to be deliberant.

So did you make a refugee claim as a family, not likely since they are Canadian citizens.

Let us look at this again. Your two brothers, your sister and your parents are Canadian citizens and you arrive in Canada and make a refugee claim, hmmmmm did one of your siblings get status then sponsor your parents and other siblings but you could not be included in the sponsorship application because you were no longer deemed a a dependent?

If so that was an ignorant route to take.


Now when one checks the processing times in Canada for H&C applications it states 8-9 months yet you claim.......that you have beeen deported for more than a year and a half. WOW Vegreville CPC took twice as long as normal to process your H&C application since your so special!!!! Yeah right.


Since your H&C application was forwarded to the Toronto PRRA Office something smells fishy. Either way it will be YEARS before it is ever assigned to an H&C Officer to be reviewed.

So again your special and they trasfer your file and "immediately" ask for a 30 day update. WOW

Then you ask a whole bunch of questions that you should already know.

- Can my brother sponsor me because he works for the TTC. You were asked a question on the forms you completed. DO YOU HAVE A SPONSOR? Forgot about your hard working brother at the TTC then!
- If CIC accepts my H&C application will they mail me a PR Card? I am biting my tongue and locking my fingers because this does not make sense. Your applying for H&C considerations from within Canada, within Canada and you are where?
- Now your (eight months pregnant) and your husband wants you to abort. Hopefully to abort him.

If your that bored with no one to argue with find a mirror and talk away until the cows come home.

If you want to creat controvercy try something more logical next time.


What's more interesting is (in reply to: Humanitarian And Compassionate Letter)
The following evidence is found in the federal court of Canada and an internet newspaper article

H&C and PRRA applications are in fact known to be processed even after the applicants ( failed refugee claimants) are removed from Canada.

1. It states that "Nevertheless, the application would continue to be processed after the Applicant’s removal to her country of origin and he would be informed of the outcome."

2. An Etobicoke family who were removed on June 8, 2009 got approved on their PRRA and H & C.



The forms you need to update your H & C are found in CIC website.

Update address, family status and work/school history and send it right to Vegreville.

Good luck!

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Hi Roy,thank you for your reply but i do not understand you being sarcastic, I do not immigration law that is why i am asking. My sister did my parents,my brothers and mine as sponsorship, they all got all accepted except me because i pass my age of 22. Yes that time we could have objected but our freaking lawyer never gave us right path now we are suffering because of him. We hire lawyer so they so can help us but these lawyers want more money so they will tell you different thing. I have an evidence that ever since i left from Canada i have been tortured, beaten. i have pictures but cops there did not do anything. Now, someone always have to stay with me here since my life is in danger. I hope that layer go to hell.
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Hi Anonymous, I appreciate your reply..Yes I also heard that the H&C application continue to process even if refugee case has been declined,however lot of people say that if you get Refugee case decline and get deportation letter, you should change your address and hide so when H&C application get approve you can get PR but now I am no longer in Canada, how can I update IMM5001 because it says within Canada. So are you saying I should send them the form?
Trinity of immigration (in reply to: Humanitarian And Compassionate Letter)
Department of Citizenship and Immigration.

CBSA ( Ministry of Public Safety)

Immigration and Refugee Board

A failed refugee claimant
A H & C submitted
Hiding from CBSA
Hoping that their H & C will pull through?

If one knew how closely the three federal departments function, the failed refugee in question would only position himself or herself under their very radar.

I have question (in reply to: Humanitarian And Compassionate Letter)
I would like to know how long does it take the Etobicoke office to send the 2nd approval letter? My files were transfer 1 yr ago and from then I haven´t got a letter from them. Is this normal?
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i got letter from Etobicoke to update my h and c file within 30 days. does it means they are going to make decision.
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Anonymous may I ask u when did you apply and when did your file transfer to the Etobicoke office? thanks in advance
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i have been wainting for a response from the etobicoke immigration department for 2 yrs 6mths on a h&c long does the process take and what should i do in the mean time
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Hi! a 16 year old honor student and her Mom was refused for h & c. After spending 8 years in Canada. Is there any chance to get approved?