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  Re: Independent Class Application at Buffalo
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Just trying to get an idea on how long before I can hear from CIC on passport request or further communication after ROLF has been cashed.

I just checked on the status of draft I had sent and it says it was cashed last week. How long do they give you to submit passport?

Reason I ask is as I have some official work and have to plan travel in next 2-3 weeks and need my passport to travel.

Thanks to share experience if anyone has been through it.

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Cashing your money is not guarantee at all. "They" cashed my ROLF 10 months ago, and no shit from "them" so far... and no hope of anything coming soon... Sorry.
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they encashed my rolf last august, i´ve got my passport request this january.
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Ozz do you work or anything?
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Do you think checking your e-client 20 times a day is not hard work?

Anyway, I think I will apply to become an immigration officer in Buffalo when I land in Canada. I will make sure I get everybody´s PR processed in record time. I will be called OFFICER OZZ.

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Dude this is crazy... even after ROLF encashing you have to wait 10-12 months !!

Well I guess I´d just live my life as normal as I can if I have to wait 10-12 months...

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