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Subject: PRRA
  My question s simple. What is the average time given to remain in Canada after a PRRA is refused? Tomorrow they find out if it has been refused or not, they have both been working full time for 2 years now and not living on social assistance for more then a year and rent their own place, dose this help their case at all, or dose it really matter how long you have been working and if your not using social assistance?The wife also has had recent health problems (hyperthyroid) and irregular heart beat witch she has been seeing a specialist for and need to see once a month to check her thyroid levels and have her medication prescribed to her, she also had a sever panic attack which she had to be hospitalized for, we added all the documents to prove this as well as a heart felt letter from some of her family who are PR and Citizens of Canada saying why the believe they should remain in Canada and also offering their emotional and financial support. In you professional opinion what do you think their chances are of being allowed to remain in Canada and apply for PR status ?


After a PRRA decision (in reply to: PRRA)
It seems to go like this according to the cases filed in the Federal Court of Canada


A Pre-Removal Risk Assessment of January 2, 2009 was rejected on May 5, 2009.

An Application for leave and judicial review of the PRRA decision was made on May 5, 2009.

(Expecting to receive a negative PRRA decision, the applicant must have filed judicial review on the very day)

When the Applicant received a decision in respect for removal on May 23, 2009, he agreed to leave voluntarily.

(another interview was conducted regarding his removal arrangements by CBSA.)

On May 21, 2009, he served this application for a stay of the deportation order.

( Court times)

So less than a month after a negative PRRA decision!

(in reply to: PRRA)
"not living on social assistance for more than a year"

Am I correct to assume that someone was on social assistance for a year before? ( apology for condescending tone.)

After being approved in principle (PRRA), the applicant receives a letter that states that:

You are not self-supporting. Persons in receipt of social assistance or welfare benefits, either directly or indirectly, are defined in the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act as inadmissible persons.

(in reply to: PRRA)

Maintaining self-sufficiency by working is a pro

but, social assistance or welfare is not.

Support letters and maintaining self-sufficiency by working are only one factor. (establishment)

For her health condition, I choose not to comment any further. God bless you all.

(in reply to: PRRA)
Here is the correct answer from someone that is at 6900 Airport Road at least once a week every week.

They give you a couple of days to purchase your own tickets. Then they will give you two months maybe three from the date of your meeting.

If your making the Canadian Taxpayer pay for your removal your going to be ooked real soon with a week or two.

Now if you want to go to the Federal Court to file a stay you need to seek a deferral of removal which will highly likely be refused then go to the Federal Court which may buy you another 6-8 months.

If you want a half decent Law Firm and can afford 6-7 thousand write me or take annonymous´s advice!

Establishment has nothing to do with a risk assessment. Risk to your life establishment LOL

Health problems can delay your removal.


(in reply to: PRRA)
Thank you all for your advice.
We are off to this morning to receive there final verdict. I only have a few more questions, we want to pay for our own plane ticket back but what if we had to wait a week or 2 at the most before we can afford it? also what about my income tax? they wont let me stay to collect my income tax, we have both been working for all of 2010, therefor we have a fare amount of income tax owed to us, it seem absolutely unfair they would make us leave before we had a chance to revive our income tax. Thanks again for your help full info (Roy).


For a tax matter (in reply to: PRRA)
To Kevin

To receive your tax owed to you while you are outside Canada.

1. Apply direct deposit with CRA.

2. Have someone do your tax. It does not have to be you when it comes to filing a tax return. Have someone bring T-4 and SIN number to an accountant.

3. When tax money is remitted to your account, have your ´trustworthy´ someone to access to your account and send or wire it to you.

I hoped that you filed a H & C as well along with your PRRA. All I wished was the best outcome for you.

GOOD LUCK to you.

Sincerely yours,

prra (in reply to: PRRA)
hi....roy ..i have some question..plz help me .i did refugee claim 2007 my refugeer claim is refused 2009 ...i get maried here in canada my wife is canadian she with me last 1 year and 6 month she sponsor me the immigration refused my sponsorship case according to immigration latter they dont belive me and my wife live to gether..but that not true ..after that i did appeal in the federal cour i am still wating the answer for federal the cbsa send me latter to come our office bring your all canadian id i dint fail prra i want to fail my sponsorship case out side the canada..i want to know if i fail prra after that i can still fail my case out side the canada..and some popel told me dont go there they send u back right plz help me ty
(in reply to: PRRA)
im hopeless ,,,,here is my story
in 2008 me and my mother applyed for a refugee status in Canada,but in 2010 we got refused and we appeal but they reject it my mother wants to file prra but she doesnt know if its the right decision can anyone plzz helpme what to do ,,,,,could i apply on my own if im only 16 or could i stray here at least on work permit,,,thank u for all advices

PRRA DECISION (in reply to: PRRA)
I would like to know if anyone could tell me what happens if someone received a letter decision from a PRRA assessment that said a decision have been rendered with respect to your application that was submitted ......what can one expect from this ....
(in reply to: PRRA)
Two things.




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