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  I wonder what kind of relationship with you and your local post officer. In my community, Nanaimo, as you know, it´s small, everybody know each other. Postman works here for sixteen years. Why don?t you just tell your postman? I have so important mail coming from Buffalo New York, Canadian Consulate General.
I told my local postman, well, we are good buddy, I gave her my homemade blackberry ever year.

One day, he knocked my window to let me know there is mail from Buffalo; actually it?s my return package.

I am not quite sure about other country or towns, in my community, as long as you tell postman, he will keep eye open. Well, Nanaimo, small town, everybody are buddies buddies, just nothing but friendly!

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Hey man, for God´s sake, don´t disturb...Ozz is taking rest after a quite bit of booz.

If he wakes up, he will just fire you.

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Yep, Yijie, I told you, people like us, we don´t like you, just keep silence ok? You always picture how wonderful is in Canada, Excuse me, are you Canadian or something? Don?t be a fake Canadian and always mention people are friendly, no crime those shit. Sounds like you are so proud to be a Canadian, please, you are not right now!!!!!!!!
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Somehow, I have a feeling that Mr. Expert Yijie is from China.
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Yep, that´s right, China~hey what´s wrong with you guys, I don´t feel I did anything wrong. It´s nice in Nanaimo people are friendly, did I lie??????
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dear anonymous...chill out. not sure if blackberry wine would work in Vancouver. Blackberry jam is another subject.
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Sharon, if you come to Nanaimo, welcome to take dozens bottles of blackberry wine back home, and salmons, claims, oysters, crabs, whatever you want, I can give them to you.

Well, seafood, wine, I never buy them from stores, great land of living sky, Canada grants them to me!!!

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i think i am becoming more interested in your Nanaimo. i just got my visa but cannot decide where to live in canada. i am planning to land in canada by july of this year. i am really contemplating if i stay in vancouver or toronto. i like vancouver because of it´s natural beauty and the good lifestyle that you have been mentioning. on the other hand, i think of toronto because it is where that i likely get a job (i´m into IT). nevertheless, i look forward to seeing nanaimo and taste the wine that you are bragging about.

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well, Nanaimo is a little town~a city maybe have same histroy with Vancouver
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