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Subject: To Roy, sharon, anyone has an answer
  i Landed in Toronto on 28 July 2010 with my spouse and 2 children. On 20 September 2010 i contacted a CIC agent and changed my address to a mail box after i knew that the cards hadn´t been mailed. My whole family got their PR cards on 23 September 2010 except me the main applicant on the physical address i had given on at the airport not themail box. on 24 September i contacted a CIC agent again and he told me that my PR card had been mailed to me on the same day of the previous call (20/9/2010) and he doesn´t know whether it had been mailed to the physical address or to the mail box. we returned to our country and i have the hope it would reach any time and continue my plan to return back to Canada after 2 years from now . But till now nothing reached to my mail box nor the physical address in Canada. i failed to contact CIC from my country from an international line, skype, canadian mobile line. Please advise and how i return back and do i return as i planned after two years or i have to be in a hurry. Thanks
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1- You have to be IN Canada 2 in a 5 year period. You do the math.

2- If you don´t receive your PR and need to go back to Canada, contact the Canadian Embassy and apply for this document:

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