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Subject: Advice on ARC application needed
  OK long story short...
-common-law husband was given an exclusion order,one year ban for overstay, he is American
-our PR application was sent to Mississauga with an ARC application/letter
-common-law spouse left Canada and now is residing in Seattle
-obviously I want him back in Canada as fast as possible
-I have documentation, many letters of reference (including one from my local MP she sent to the minister of Immigration) regarding his need to return to Canada ASAP as I have a major surgery booked and need support as well as I am suffering from depression (doctors´ notes were included in ARC request)
-ARC request went to Mississauga along with the PR application
- I am now thinking my husband should apply for a temp. ARC in Seattle instead of waiting for the entire PR process...would it be damaging if he now does an ARC request from Seattle even though there is one in the PR package to Mississauga?

please send your advice, thoughts

I am a smart cookie but this whole immigration thing has many complex scenarios!

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why on earth with CIC trust him with a Temporary Visa - he has proven that he does not play by the rules.

you may be smart but CIC is smarter.

this doesn't really answer (in reply to: Advice on ARC application needed)
there is a temp ARC for a reason...and it is not true he doesn´t play by the rules if the rules were ambiguous and poor advice was taken. His intentions were always to abide by the rules. So what you meant to say was there is little chance of a temp ARC? Who do they give it to then if not for someone who "does not play by the rules" according to you?
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Have you not been reading the News over the years where someone is on their death bed and CIC refuses an ARC?

You need support get a friend to sit with you.

Your no different then anyone else you wait in line.

When you come across as if he an adult did nothing wrong it makes your spousal application look worse. He took the bad advice, he is an adult and it is the same old stroy if Tommy jumps off the roof will you jump with him?

Wait and be grateful.


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There is no reallya need to be mean to this lady...anyway.


ARC will be approved only if the cic has evidence that the conditions wich drove your husband to get his deportation wont be reproduced.
that´s why ARC is more likely to be approved within a permanent resident application.

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Does the initial investigating CBSA officer who gave the exclusion order have any say in the issuing of ARC?

And yes Roy I have read many stories both as tragic as "deathbeds" to more optimistic ones. I am OK with a year separation if need be but will try our damndest to pursue an earlier entry.

So what you are saying is "Don´t bother with a temp ARC" Is it just a waste of money?

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Go the section 6 (page 25)
that´s the original source .

remember that it is always up to you to take the decision Whether apply or not .
wish you all the best

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The IRPA (act) is the original source along with the regulations and not the manuals. The manuals explain when an ARC is needed and what the officer should do before and after it is issued.

What needs to be focused on is his reason for applying.

Why certain things happened.
Who gave him bad advice.
Why no Spousal Application was submitted until after he was removed.
Why you two never married.

Now your depression is not a positive aspect of an ARC. CIC Officers always think that the Canadian or PR is being fooled by foreigners and that the foreigner will leave them as soon as they get into Canada. They also consider is he/she thinking normally.

Now I´m very good at getting ARC´s and I can prove QC that I´m a source.

These people along with another 200 at least made Refugee Claims based on unemployment in Portugal. Most did not even speak English so they did not know in advance what the reason for making the claim was, in fact rthey all thought they were applying for work permits so they could join the Union.

We have have been very succesful when applying for ARC´s but from what you have posted I can not see that your partner has much of a chance prior to the relationship being assessed.


thanks Roy (in reply to: Advice on ARC application needed)
We have written a letter describing all the details of the overstay and addressed all the pertinent info in the IRPA act as well as the ones you listed. Including we have invested over $150,000 in building a new building for a future business. Our MP said she has never written a letter in support of an ARC but did for us. Your response doesn´t sound promising and I am losing optimism. I think I may be naive and hopeful. Would it matter if we were married? We resented getting married for bureaucratic reasons and have plans for a wedding when we save enough money. So I hear you saying that CIC officers assume peolpe are lying?
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"I hear you saying that CIC officers assume peolpe are lying" Quote

What else can you assume? The person broke the law, it has been banned from Canada.

BTW the letter from your MP has very little say if any.

Your best and more realistic option is wait until the ban is lifted, carry on with your plans on getting married in the future down in the US, come back to Canada and sponsor him as your spouse. Anything else is going to be a waste of money and time. Even if he comes back to Canada as a turist again. I wouldn´t recommend you at all to do an inland application.

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