Parents sponsoring and cancellation pls help

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Subject: Parents sponsoring and cancellation pls help
  the case is , my brother sent a year ago application to missessaugua for sponsoring my parents , his wife co-signed the application.
now they separate (going to divorce) he want to remove her name from the application so she is not responsible anymore.
he told me that after calling immigration he was told that a letter must be sent in order to cancel from :
1- his wife asking to cancel
1- from him as he accepte the cancellation
3- my parents to say they accept.

i really doubt that it takes all that , i think he didn;t explain the case well,
we are talking here only about the CO-SIGNER

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Now, what is the problem? Is it impossible for your brother and your parents to admit that the lady dumped your brother and MUST be released from any and all obligations arising from this sponsorship? I see no problem whatsoever, unless your parents or your brother are hostile to the good lady and want to litigate and make her life a misery!
Parents sponsoring and cancellation (in reply to: Parents sponsoring and cancellation pls help)

I partially believe him, Immigration must ask for written permission from both Main Applicant and co-signer. Your parents may have nothing to do at this point unless the file has approval from Mississauga and fwd´d overseas consulate for visa process.

If any purpose co-signer needed and if she has signed, she is kind enough. Now if your brother doesn´t want her as co-signer better he release her from obligations by talking to her and getting written permisson from her.

This is correct way to handle file. Then if he can manage continue processing or withdrow and re-apply later whenever he is capable to sponsor.

After first call the process must have freezed up. Being late or too late will make the issue worse.

It is a normal situation, just be brave and honest in all process. Don´t be stiff brain or over power anyone, it won´t take towards any victory.

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