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Subject: which visa option should i apply for
  Hello from South Africa
I have read pages and pages on this forum trying to get acquainted with any stumbling blocks I may encounter. The more I read...the more I realise that I should probably ask your advice now rather than later :P

I met a someone online about 2 years ago, we´ve become really close....long story shorter (I hear sighs of relief) I have to get to Canada to meet him...a few hours on Skype daily is not quite the same as living with someone!! Although I have come to care very deeply for this man, I can´t make such a huge commitment, like applying for PR now!! My ideas...please correct me if I´m delusional :)

a) I come over to Canada on a 3 month Visitors Visa...extend it for a further 3 months if all goes well...then return to south africa and start the next step? (would like to be there end of March) Also...if the reason for my visit now really is just to visit, will it count against me at a later stage if I want to marry this man? (on one post I read a similar situ where it may have seemed she was being dishonest in her initial app and she was denied)

b) I apply for a multiple entry visa and come and go whenever I please (haha..and can afford)...is there a maximum amount of entries one can make? is it possible to cross the border to the USA and re-enter? how long could I do this for?

I should mention that my 6 year old daughter will travel with me...if that makes any difference...? and won´t need to find a job as most of my work can be done via internet regardless of where in the world i am...

thanks guys...i enjoyed reading all the posts today...awesome sense of humour!!

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****march 2011
I´m 46 years old...I have a son of 20 who is happy in SA...I´m hoping my monthly pension is sufficient to sustain my basic living costs while there...
your advice would be greatly appreciated

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wow! your response is overwhelming! its ok...i´m sure i´ll figure it out for myself :))
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Easier thing to do is for your Canuck lover to show up in Saudi Africa and marry you there... And register your marriage at the Canadian Embassy. He can then return to Canada and apply for your arrival here; should take just a few months.
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