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Subject: Re-entering Canada after 1 year ban

Last year in October of 2009 I was on tour with a band. We had some tour dates set up in Canada. When we reached the border we were turned around and told that we were banned from Canada for 1 year because we tried to enter without the right work visas. That year is now up as of October 6th 2010.. I need to travel back to Canada for the company I now work for who has a branch up in Kelowna, BC.
My question is: Are there any forms I need to fill out for re-entry, or does that ban just expire after that 1 year is up? I am assuming it is on my record and they may pull me aside for further questioning when I go through customs at the airport, but the last thing I need is to get turned around again and denied entry into Canada on a work related trip.

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If one year has passed, you should be fine. The CBSA officer may refer you to a secondary inspection to verify that you have over come your previous inadmissibility. That measn that if you are in another trip "band" related more than likely that is the end of the road for you. If you are in a business trip with no intentions of working in Canada, hotel reservations, funds for your stay then more than likely you will be ok.

I assume you are a US citizen and traveling to Canada using a US passport right?

Tip of the week:
The CBSA officer may ask you one thing, if you have ever been refused of entry into Canada?

Tell the truth, it is a federal offence to lie to a federal officer and you can be refuse of entry.

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