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Subject: Family PR staying outside Canada
I have a valid PR Card and status although I am outside the Country for sometime due to business reasons. I pay my corporate Tax on time and I formally report my being outside to immigration office on a timely manner.
I am the only source of income to my family members (wife & children) who have as well their PR Cards; however they had/have to accompany me outside the Country. Their PR Cards are still valid but they have almost spent the last 14 months outside the Country and will need to continue outside as long as I am running the business outside Canada. The question is do they have to return to Canada to keep their PR status valid, or can they continue with me outside as I am their only source of income, and my children are all under 18 years and they have no jobs any other source of income as they sare till in the school and my wife does have a permanent job any where.

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Your family can come back to Canada if they wish. Yourself being the only source of income, that´s your problem. It has nothing to do with their immigration status.

They can stay with you and if time is greater than 2 out 5 years outside of Canada then all of you are risking your PR status.

If your family comes back to Canada, then you would be the only person risking your PR status. I mean, you have to plan it.

Logistics are everything.

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