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I finished my Post graduate certificate program in strategic marketing and I have my study permit and off campus work permit till Nov 30th 2010. My Visa though says 20th Nov 2010. According to my college I was suppose to apply for my PG work permit within 90 days from the last day of class which was Nov 20th 2010. However I was so busy finding jobs & working odd jobs and was really broke so lost track of the date and went to college on 25th Nov 2010 and college said I am not eligible. I called CIC toll free and I spoke to 2 different agents and one of them counseled me to apply and the other one not to. However I went ahead and applied giving my reasons. I have made the biggest mistake as of now by missing the last date and thought had time as my study & off campus work permit was still valid. I have a full time job offer from a company to start from Jan 03 2010 but I am not sure I will get approved for work permit as its been more then 90 days. My college though did not send me any written confirmation on Aug 20th 2010 as they claim in the letter that they issue for applying the work permit and refuse to help any further. I spent so much money and studied here and want to work here to get the experience and also I want to live in Canada. I was also told about bridge extension option. I would kindly request if anyone out there has any helpful information. I would appreciate any advice or recommendation that would be helpful. Thank you.

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