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Updates of documents for CA Immigration (in reply to: Updates of document)

1- I have changed my address- (mail and residential both); and phone numbers
Q1-1 Shall i re-fill the NPR,NAF and NBD Forms? or just a letter will be enough?
Q1-2 Information about change of phone number is also required to be updated?

2- I have changed my job also.
Q2-1 Shall i re-fill NEC?
Q2-2 What supporting documents will be required? (Experience Letter from the last employer, appointment letter and salary certificate from the new employer)

3- My spouse (wife) passport and NIC (already changed) while residential address and phone numbers will be changed after two months.
Q3-1 Shall i inform immigration office for current change or should wait for other changes also?
Q3-2 Will i have to re-fill the NPR, NAF and NBD Forms? or just a letter will be enough?

Please guide!

I have applied for
Permanent residence- Skilled worker class
Fast track- July 2009
From Dubai,UAE
Immigration Office: London, UK
Submitted my documents in Dec2009 and case is under process



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