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Subject: Immigrating to Quebec Canada
I would like to mmigrate to Canada and I already try one time but no success. I wounder if is more easy to migrate to French part of Canada since I do speak French fluently. I live in Bosnia now with my wife. Please help.

Thank you - Peter

French language helps (in reply to: Immigrating to Quebec Canada)
Certainly it will help if you know French. Possibly it brings the same ammount of points as knowing English language. How much I don´t know exactly because it goes by points and point system could change on yearly basis.

Canada is bilingual and therefore (in reply to: Immigrating to Quebec Canada)
Frech will help you immigrating not only to Quebec but to any other province respectively as much. Canada is bilingual across the border and BOTH languages are officially treated equally.
Jean Jaki
Migration to quebec possible in 6-18 months (in reply to: Immigrating to Quebec Canada)
Yes! french is a big plus people all over the world who speak french are needed by Quebec . i can help u in assessing ur application also the offices where u can send ur will take time but its very fast than CIC federal processing.
Want to migrate to Canada (in reply to: Immigrating to Quebec Canada)
I just wanted to migrate to

Milquiades L Lastmosa Jr.

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