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Subject: family sponsorship
  Hi all,
please help me have the answers for my family sponsorship. I am Canadian citizen living in Canada with my wife and two kids. I have no blood relative in Canada. I want to sponsor my brother from India. My parents do not want to immigrate. We miss the family and relatives. The problem is my all brothers and a sister are married and have kids too so they can not be sponsored per the CIC riles. How can I/we sponsor my brother ? please advise.

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Ask your brother to apply for the immigration on his own, if he qualifies as per government of canada´s regulations and he can score some additional points for relative, because of you.

sandeep prashar,
certified canadian immigration consultant,

sandeep prashar
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Hi Bhargav,

If your brother will qualify under 29 categories identified by Canadian Immigration dept. then only he will be able to apply under FSW class.


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Hi Nisha
thanks for the reply. Can u guide me about those 29 categories? and if my brother can qualify under them.

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it is all here -
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