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Subject: Envelope
My question is, can we use any fitting size envelope to put in all supporting documents for our chosen Visa Office? Or,it has to be the same as CIO´s requirement which is 9x12 envelope? Supporting docs are way more and bigger compared to papers needed by CIO.
Any advise pls...
Many thanks.

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Any envelope will work.

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9x12 IMM approved size
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Tx Nisha and Anonymous, answers are contradicting though...
9x12IMM, does it apply as well to supporting docs (we tried it and it´s tearing off the sides)? Also, am I missing something, what´s IMM? With Nisha´s reply, it would obviously be bigger than 9x12. Once all´s been prepared, we plan to send it by courier which would have 2 envelopes inside courier´s own offcial envelope/packet (each with attached corresponding checklist outside the CIO and VO envelopes-paperclip). Pls confirm our understanding as we´re finally drawing near our submission date.
many thanks again...

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be logical. if the guidelines do not specify, they do what works.
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