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Subject: Spouse vs. spouse + dependent
Is it easier to get approval in general if you apply to sponsor just your spouse rather than spouse + dependent?
The dependent would be 21 years old.

In theory? In practice?


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All dependents and applicatns must be examined anyways so why would it slow anything down?

The Applicant applies for a Police Clearance Certificate with the dependent at the same time.

The Applicant takes a medical with a DMP at the same time as the dependent.

Results are obtained at the same time.


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Thanks Roy.
I wasn´t asking whether a spouse + dependent application would slow things down or not.

When I said "easier to get approval" I was simply asking whether an officer would _treat a spouse-only application with the same amount of consideration and scrutiny as a spouse + dependent application.

The reasoning/thinking that Canada would be taking on a risk of just one person with a spouse-only application, but two people with a spouse + dependent application.

Therefore more likely to approve a spouse - only than a spouse + dependent, all other factors being equal.

We are in a situation where the 21 yr. old dependent does not wish to immigrate (at this time).
They will not be in school next year.
So a decision needs to be made whether to apply as accompanying, or not accompanying.

If we knew the dependent would jeopardize the application, we would list them as non-accompanying.


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