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Subject: delay in the spouse visa
  I belong to pakistan. my husband is a canadian immigrant and soon will be citizen of canada. My husband applied spouse visa in march 2010 with all proofs, marriage certificate, fotos, medical examination all together. on 7th may i received a letter that my application has been processed from canada and has reached islamabad. the letter stated that it will take averagely 9 months to get processed. More than 10 months have passed and no reply from canadian commission. it has been more than a year that i and my husband living apart.

I have emailed them, made phone calls to them but cic islamabad do not respond to us.
please guide me that how can i know when will my papers get ready

regards Manorma

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If CIC Islamabad doesn´t pick up your call, why not ask your hubby to call CIC Canada? I know from experience that consulates don´t give a damn about answering calls;at best, you´d get to talk to answering machine. CIC canada is different story. As far as my experience goes, they are quite cordial and helpful. True, it´d take 10-15mins before you get to talk to someone, but, nevertheless, you get to talk to real person rather than answering machine.
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Ask your husband to contact his local MP
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9 months average means it could take more or it could take less. I would not bother an MP at this stage - besides we just had an election yesterday and nobody is working.

Wait a little more.

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