Getting married in Japan or in Canada?

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Subject: Getting married in Japan or in Canada?
  Ok, this has probably been asked but I´m hoping for help nonetheless...

My fiancee lived in canada for 1 year on a student visa. We fell in love when she was here but her visa expired and she had to go back to Japan. Now I´ve been to Japan to visit her and I asked her to marry me.

Now, if I head back to Japan to marry her, come back to Canada and start the sponsorship application, will we have to prove we´ve been married for a specific amount of time?

I´m kind of confused about this.

Thank you kindly


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How long did you live together as a couple?
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Well, although you fell in love your fiance, it is very important to watch your back and use your brain because unfortunately there are a lot of immigrants who are using Canadians or Permanent residents to get their papers through marriage, if your fiance really loves you, the marriage should be in Japan and start the sponsorship overseas so you can really find out her real intentions. Do not get me wrong my friend.

To be honest . . . If you marry in Japan and live over there for certain period, start the sponsorship overthere, and then come back to Canada, the immigration officer will believe that your marriage is genuine, as She doesn´t need visa, she can visit Canada while you are sponsoring her.

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"Since you have decided to get married" choose the location that is best for both of you based on personal circumstances.

First marriage, family, etc. etc.

Time married is not an issue.

Most couples planning to live in Canada start the sponsorship process before the wedding and submit soon after.

What ever you do please prove your marriage and live happily ever after.


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Thank you everyone.

Now If she came back to Canada for 6 months and lived with me. Could we get married then and would she be able to stay here? Or would she have to return to Japan while we file all the papers?


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