Getting married a Failed Refugee?? Watch your back

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Subject: Getting married a Failed Refugee?? Watch your back
  Dear Canadian or Resident:

In as much as everybody know, everyone has rights to fall in love anybody regardless their nationality and their legal Status.

Now that´s very important to watch your back and use your brain before taking an important decision to marry people from overseas, specially the Failed Refugee claimants who are desperately looking to stay in Canada; unfortunately there are a lot of immigrants who are abusing the CANADIAN System by looking for Canadian Citizens or Permanent residents like you to get their papers through marriage,and once they received their PR card, they kick you out by breaking your heart, and some of them go to Welfare and you have to pay for it, is that fair?.

Preventions, Don´t be the Next Victim . . .
If she/he is a failed refugee claimant, you can suggest him/her the following Three steps:

1)Tell your fiance to end up his/her refugee claimant procedures in Canada by waiting for the PRRA (The Last application).

2)Tell him/her If the PRRA application is rejected he/she should go back to his/her home country, and you will go over there after few days or weeks or months (depending on your job or business)

3)Tell him/her you want to meet the familly, To marry, and to live overthere for certain period of time and start the sponsorship overthere.

If he/she refuses to those 3 steps mentioned above by going away or jealing at you, setting up excuses, end up the relationship, going with another person, or by trying to convince you to sponsor him/her INSIDE Canada, BE CAREFUL, THERE IS SOMETHING WEIRD. DON´T BE THE NEXT VICTIM FROM THOSE PEOPLE LIKE THEM.

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With 50% of marriages ending in divorce taking your (victim) advice, there would be no weddings at all.

Most people in a genuine relationship who are failed refugee claimants find it very difficult suggesting taking the marriage step because they don´t want the one the love to think their being used.

Two sides to every arguement.

According to the manuals no one should be told to stop one application because they are going to submit or have submitted another.

If they are already called to the PRRA - CIC will not deferr removal due to a marriage.

How many Canadian´s will put off marriage until they meet his/her parents and who cares if it is both your second marriage your not getting married to his/her parents!

If it really feels right do it! If not move on!

Sorry yours never worked out.


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I think if there is a true love, then I would not mind going back to her country to stay for a few month. If her application fail, then I will continue to stay in her country.
It would take a lot of courage for a failed refugee to go back to her country if the love is not genuine.

Great advice Liz!!

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and what exactly makes you the expert?
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I am in this situation with my now wife, I never insisted in sponsorship, we truly and really got married because we do not want to be saparated even for a single day, we love each other so much and we help each other, we are there for each other since day one, if it comes down to it I will have to go back to my home country and I accept this. For me it is not about staying in canada anymore, it is all about staying with my wife, my love my one and only. It would be nice if we could go back to our home countries but safety political and econimical reasons prevent us both from taking that decission.

Would you take your wife or husband with you to a countru in which you know you will be living in poverty and with serious infractions to basic human rights?

It is understandable you might have had a bad experience yourself but you should not be ranting and genaralizing all cases like this... there are people out there who truly love each other and can´t or won´t be willing to be saparated by any force.

Alvaro Nunez
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Am a refugee claimant who was sent home on Jan 10,2012.It was very hard to leave my husband to go back to my country but you advise me couple months ago to follow the rules and regulations of CIC which i did. Am missing my husband dearly but we talk very often over skype we text each other and call each other,i do get very lonely our anniversiary is on the 21st of August. My my question to you is do i have to write a letter of permission to enter Canada when my filing come through,its in the process,my self and the kids were ask to do our medical and that was done and sent off on the 7th of June 2012. Do you have any idea what the next step is? Am really anxious to join my husband,since i have been back to Jamaica i stayed in the country hiding from the persdon whom i run from to Canada hoping that words dont get out that i am back,but dont want to spend the rest of my life hiding looking over my shoulder.Thanks in advance,awaitng on a reply.
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