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Subject: FOSS ID card no.
I would like to know why I need the FOSS ID no, if I applyfor verification form no INN5009
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You mean IMM 5009 right?

The IMM 5009 is just a verification of entry. FOSS gives you the status of an application that is in process.

The info in your 5009 is very limited. If you have a visitor´s extention, or a work permit extention the 8 digits under client number(1234-5678) are your FOSS number.

CIC may require your FOSS number to pull the microfilm if they need to.

What do you need to do?

Can foss ID be used for applying foe a PR card? (in reply to: FOSS ID card no.)
I have sent the PR card application form and all the applocation was sent back to me due to lacking the record of landing information. So I applied for a true copy of landing record and I got a piece of paper showing FOSS ID. would it be ok to send the copy of the letter from cic instead of the landing paper?


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