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Subject: PR card renewal
I am a PR living in Canada but since I fall short of residency days to apply for Citizenship but I am qualifying for a PR renewal ( completing 730 days) so I will have to renew my PR card which is expiring. How many weeks / months before it expires can I send my PR renewal application?
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Call Centre telephone number: 1-888-242‑2100

Call at the above mentioned number and ask the agent, he/she will be able to answer it correctly.


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About 7 months that I know of for the current time line.

The employee at the Service Ontario said it took about a year or so to renew his PR card in 2009.

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Do not try to renew a PR card if your in violation of your residency requirements. If you do not need to renew it because your from a CVV exempt country do not renew it.



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