Single or Multiple entry for parents second visit

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Subject: Single or Multiple entry for parents second visit
  My parents(62 & 54) came to Canada On 17th December 2008 and stayed for 9months. We have applied extension and it was approved and they left the country within that time line.

Now they want to visit us again for summer and also like to visit us in 2 years from now.

Can any one suggest me if it easy to apply a single or multiple entry visa. I will be the sponsor and showing bank balance of $10,000. Will there be any issue with the funds ?

Thank you all in advance.


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First you are not a sponsor. You are just inviting them to visit you.

Single or multiple entries it will depend on what is the intention of your parents. If the intention is to come to Canada every year or twice a year then a multiple entry visa makes more sense. If they want to come for another 6 months then there is no point on a multiple entry visa.

It doesn´t matter what visa they apply for, they are authorized to enter a maximum of 6 months and if they want to stay longer, same as the last time... they have to apply for an extention.

The visa will be issued under the criteria that their intention is to visit Canada and to visit YOU, not live part time here.

Your bank balance doesn´t help as much as you may think. The key factor is what ties they still have with their home countrya and what are the chances that they will leave Canada.

A good travel history (to Canada) is way more helpful than your bank statement.

Keep in mind that visitors come to Canada to VISIT! If someone wants to live here part time there are different routes for that.

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